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Remove the uncertainty of PPE procurement.

 Deliver high quality PPE to your clients without the fear of phantom inventory and unreasonable financing terms. We deliver hassle free, no nonsense PPE products every week to our partners.

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Featured Product – YaniWorx TOUGH

The YaniWorx Diamond Grip Nitrile Examination Gloves are the perfect blend of power and control. The raised diamond texture channels away liquid for maximum gripping power. They are durable and resistant to punctures and rips. 6 mil thickness means excellent chemical resistance. They are Nitrile, Powder Free, Non Sterile.

We Do Gloves. 

We represent only the highest quality 100% Nitrile brands direct from the manufacturer. To learn more about our brands, click on the logos below.


YaniPure gloves are high quality, nitrile medical exam gloves. Favored by hospitals and first responders alike, these gloves will pass the test and create satisfied customers.


Hongray is the most sought after pure nitrile glove on the market. We have up to 2M boxes per month direct from the manufacturer. For more information about Hongray gloves, please click here.


YaniBlue is an excellent powder free, non-sterile Nitrile glove. We have immediate availability of YaniBlue gloves in our U.S. warehouse. For more information on our YaniBlue brand, please contact us.



YaniWorx Diamond Grip Nitrile Examination Glove is one of the most sought after gloves on the market.  The raised diamond texture channels away liquid for maximum gripping power. Interested?   Contact us.

Making an Impact In Our Communities

Expedited Partners Limited has delivered gloves to our clients all across the U.S. Hospitals, local governments, businesses and more are protecting themselves and their loved ones during this global pandemic with our help. 

If you are sourcing PPE for your community – healthcare professionals, first responders, business associates, staff, crews or anyone else you are trying to protect – please click below to contact us. We would love to help make an impact in your community!


The New Normal

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you just brokers?

We are not brokers. We use our own funds, we have our own inventory of gloves and we deliver them to our US warehouse locations. We have leveraged our purchasing power to secure production contracts direct with manufacturers. We have successfully delivered product to end buyers, distributors and purchasing agents.

Who is Expedited Partners Limited?

The principals of Expedited Partners Limited are successful business owners with decades of experience owning and operating businesses. Our respective industries include multiple fast food franchises, Regenerative Medicine clinics, Law practice and Medical Distributorship covering 16 states. We have worked with professionals from almost every industry you can imagine.

Where are your products located?

Expedited Partners Limited has warehouses located in Southern California.

What is the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Expedited?

We pay the manufacturers directly with our own funds. We ship the product to the U.S. Our customers see it and pay for it.

Are your gloves 100% Nitrile, 510K?

Yes they are. 

Have you successfully delivered product?

We love this question. The answer is YES! Because we got tired of the broker madness and 1B mask and glove ghost lots, we decided to control our own fate by going direct and using our own funds. We had the warehouse space, the capital and the relationships with manufacturing. So, we bought our own and we deliver product weekly.

Hear From Satisfied Customers

Joel, Greg and the gang at Expedited are as real as it gets. I love working with these guys and their no nonsense approach to business. They get it done. Period. That’s what the PPE business needs….business pro’s who can perform.

Virginia P.

Expedited was a pleasure to work with. After all of the failed attempts, brokers who can’t perform and no gloves at the end of the day, this was a dream! Prompt, professional and fair. That’s all I ask. These guys deliver.

Rob W.

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